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My Kitchen Designers was recently founded by kitchen designer Christian Smyth Robinson.

Christian began his career as a cabinet maker in the family business, alongside his father and grandfather. He studied residential interior design in Europe before starting his own kitchen and bathroom company in the UK. He ran the company for over thirty successful years.

Christian emigrated from the UK to Australia in 2013. While in Melbourne, he worked as a kitchen designer and salesman for local kitchen companies. The industry works on a commission payment system. Christian felt dismayed by the industry, as he spent much of his time on original designs without getting paid.



Australia is a fantastic country, rich with opportunities. Despite this, Australia’s kitchen industry was isolated. The industry is now exposed to the world market. Until the recent “reno boom,” home owners were content with buying the same products their parents had.

Kitchen manufacturing companies all use the same raw materials and produce a similar product. It may shock you to learn that some kitchen designers gain certification after only a week’s training!

If kitchens appear derivative, this is no coincidence. Kitchen designers are taught to copy existing layouts; many are given awards by trade organisations for their efforts! It seems that original designs are not valued in Australia, as original designs require original thinking. Original thinking and more work to install these non-standard kitchens.

Tradespeople prefer the status quo, also lending to this creative stagnation in the industry. Consumers may upgrade to a “new” kitchen, only to find their choices are limited to different colour schemes. In essence, they are not upgrading, but replacing their kitchens with boilerplate copies.



Major Australian kitchen manufacturers source their materials from the same main suppliers. This means they are selling the exact same product! Manufacturers advertise the suppliers in their showrooms and marketing materials in the belief that customers will find their kitchens attractive. In reality, they are all selling the same product. Why should you, the customer, pay more for an identical product?

The difference lies in design. Design is free; and once someone has an idea, it doesn’t take much to realise that idea via the cheapest provider. Designers and salespeople have always struggled in the kitchen industry because they are paid only if they make a sale.



Christian provides an independent design and kitchen broker service.

When a client buys a kitchen the usual way, a kitchen company will factor in a commission of about 10-20% into the price, ensuring the salesperson / designer is paid.

My Kitchen Designers charge a fixed fee, priced LOWER than the regular commission fee on the market. This provides customers a full set of drawings and details for independent pricing.

Customers can then take MKD designs to suppliers of their choice. They can find three quotes based on identical drawings, quoting like for like. This means they will not have to pay the kitchen supplier a design / sales commission. Customers gain control over their design and who builds it, for a lower price.

MKD can also provide three quotes from local cabinetmakers personally accredited by Christian with a PREFERRED SUPPLIER CERTIFICATE. This ensures quality and premium service from a trained professional.

Christian will negotiate with other associated suppliers, on peripherals such as lighting, tiles, flooring and fixtures, ensuring clients gain further discounts on products, saving them even more.

A new kitchen can last twenty footy seasons. Choose carefully.