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Top 10 Tips + Advice

  • 1

    Fix on a budget and then decide how to spend it. You may prefer a stone benchtop rather than a pull-out pantry or additional drawers rather than a water filter.

  • 2

    Go around your existing kitchen cupboards and take out everything you have not used in the past year. Remember, the kitchen is a workroom that should contain everything you need for day to day use. It is not a longterm
    storage room. That would be a cardboard box in your loft or garage.

  • 3

    Don’t go for too many gadgets. They are gimmicky and costly and will mostly require servicing and won’t really add value.

  • 4

    Use an independent kitchen designer. He will cost less than the commission paid to Company sales people and when you ask for quotes from your chosen suppliers they will be quoting like for like.

  • 5

    Ask friends and relatives for recommendations.

  • 6

    Do not pick finishes, especially stone or Solid Surface materials from small swabs. Go to the stone suppliers to pick the slabs for your project.

  • 7

    Position your appliances, preparation area and eating area to suit your family’s lifestyle. The way we live has changed a lot over the past twenty years. The kitchen, if correctly designed, will become a pleasure to be in.

  • 8

    Consider how you buy and store your food, how you cook it, how you prepare and serve it, and then how you clean up.

  • 9

    Consider additional shelves in cupboards, especially base units, and position them to suit the heights of the contents. Small items at eye level, larger ones higher and heavy ones lower.

  • 10

    Be careful with colour selection. Colours that are trending today can become a joke tomorrow. Can anyone remember Avocado Green bathroom suites and not smile.